Facilities Management

cleaning, maintenance, catering, security, recycling & waste management, etc.

The challenges for your sector

Several important challenges have to be met in this sector:

  • confidential information
  • public health & safety
  • up to 24/7 operations
  • provide services 'invisibly'

FM can include a wide variety of services such as engineering support, building and grounds maintenance, cleaning, catering, security, recycling and waste management.

LOOP is highly experienced with working across all these areas and understands the challenges such as 24/7 working and delivering your services in a smooth running, 'invisible' manner.

Typical recycling requirements

  • Confidential waste
  • Mixed paper
  • Drinks cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Vending machine cups
  • Food waste
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Toners & mobiles
  • Computers & IT equipment

How we can help you

Loop can ease the management of your waste with:

  • regularly timed pick-ups
  • recycling & waste containers
  • on-site recycling equipment
  • comprehensive reports

We will look carefully at the frequency and timing of collections and can also provide comprehensive management reports to enable you to monitor recycling rates.

Our team of specialists has a good understanding of the practical issues – including segregation of materials - and can offer you help with many of the solutions.

These include providing waste containers or recycling bins of the appropriate size and design. We might even suggest installing suitable on-site recycling equipment, e.g compactors and balers.

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