To Whose Profit?

A loop publication


To whose profit? was sponsored by WWF and global communications company, Cable & Wireless plc. It was developed with the help of experts from from a variety of backgrounds to develop ideas, share information and carry out research. These included: URS, Riverside Management Consultants, Friends Ivory Sime plc and F M Morley plc.

To whose profit?

Forward looking businesses already understand that environmental, ethical and social factors can and will have a significant impact on their future, often with benefits to their bottom line. However some business managers have found it difficult to know where to start, how to make the connections and build a case which will win support in the boardroom.

To whose profit?, written by Vicky Kemp of Loop Environmental Networks, aims to remove the mystery and the hurdles and make business sustainability a compelling goal.

To whose profit? provides the first clear 'route map' for managers seeking ways to develop a business case for bringing environmental, social and ethical issues to the forefront of their company's operations. Using standard business tools and an accessible step-by-step format, the publication aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the key drivers for change in business sustainability.
  • Provide a means of helping to change common perceptions of sustainability issues from threat to opportunity.
  • Encourage treatment of sustainability issues as a strategic business concern.
  • Identify a 'route map' for companies to follow when developing their own internal business cases for improved performance.
  • Encourage companies and the equity market to apply common terminology and evaluation techniques to their understanding of sustainability issues.
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