pharmaceuticals, electronics, high technology, clothing, footwear, food & beverages etc.

The challenge for your sector

  • health & safety
  • hygiene regulations
  • up to 24/7 operations
  • limited storage space

The key strengths of UK manufacturing lie in the aerospace, high technology, pharmaceutical industries and car production plus a strong capacity in clothing and footwear, electrical equipment, electronics, food and beverages.

The manufacturing process, even of the most efficient manufacturer, leads to high levels of waste. So your potential to recycle is enormous and, as landfill and incineration costs continue to escalate, recycling can also save you money.

Here at Loop, we have over 20 years experience of working with manufacturers. Most have tight deadlines, limited storage space and operate 24/7 under very stringent public health, safety and hygiene regulations.

How Loop Can Help You

  • regularly timed pick-ups
  • recycling & waste containers
  • on-site recycling equipment
  • segregation of materials

Let us take the stress out of the whole business of removing waste from your site(s). If you are planning a new facility or wish to review your existing waste and recycling arrangements, it's never too early to contact us. You can be assured of a knowledgeable and helpful response.

You will find that our team of specialists has a good understanding of the practical issues – especially segregation of materials - and can offer you help with many of the solutions.

We will look carefully at the frequency and timing of collections - a key issue for manufacturers operating 24/7 and/or are those that generate waste with the potential to create pollution, odour or infestation.

To encourage your staff to segregate waste at the point of disposal - saving you time and money - we can lease or sell you a range of recycling containers.

We might even suggest installing suitable on-site recycling equipment, e.g. compactors.

Items for recycling or disposal

  • Paper - all grades
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Confidential waste
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Hazardous waste
  • Toners and mobiles
  • Computers and IT equipment
  • Plastics - inc. bottles and cups
  • Wood - inc. pallets
  • Food waste (cooked & uncooked)
  • General waste
  • Clearances
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